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The social challenges facing us today are increasingly clear. We need to see businesses, charities, governments and sports institutions working together to create positive social change. More than anything, we need strong leadership.

CoCreate are a specialist consultancy with big values. We support organisations and networks to CoCreate positive social change through strategy creation, expert facilitation and leadership development.

What we do

Strategic Planning

We help clients to respond to urgent social problems with energy and focus.

Design and Facilitation

We inject creativity and true collaboration into meetings and conferences.

Responsible Leadership

We develop the kind of leaders who deliver lasting social change.

Recent projects

CoCreate worked the UNICEF to bring together global staff to share best practice and develop collaboration in using sport as a tool for social change.

We worked closely with Beyond Sport to design and host the 'Beyond the Social Divide' day of the 2015 Beyond Sport Summit in London.

CoCreate worked with Manchester City Football Club to bring 30 young people from six countries together for the inaugural Young Leaders Summit.

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Recent Blogs

If we really want to create organisations that are human, inclusive and can adapt to the changing world we find ourselves in, then it's time for Leadership programmes to change.

News and events

We've recruited some genuine talent and all round good eggs to help us deliver more brilliant leadership, coaching and collaboration projects.

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